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I host a couple of domains over at Dreamhost and they've really been an outstanding webhost.

Their Level 1 Plan,  which is $7.95 a month, includes 4800MB of space and EVERY WEEK THEY INCREASE IT BY 40MB! Wild! Also, Level 1 includes 120GB of bandwidth and EVERY WEEK IT INCREASES BY 1GB! How cool is that! They have really great reviews on other websites, and 99.9% uptime. You can also host an UNLIMITED number of domains. I can even describe how cool that is.

I have Promotional Codes that equal $50.00 OFF any hosting package with Dreamhost! Just enter the code for your plan when you sign up.

Level 1 codes

Monthly Plan     MN1

Year Plan          YR1

2 Year Plan       2Y1

Level 2 codes

Monthly Plan    MN2

Year Plan         YR2

2 Year Plan      2Y2

Level 3 codes

Monthly Plan    MN3

Year Plan         YR3

2 Year Plan      2Y3

Level 4 codes

Monthly Plan    MN4

Year Plan         YR4

2 Year Plan      2Y4


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