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ZealHost | Passionate About Hosting


Background History

ZealHost began of a one man's endless search for a good company to host his personal websites. After changing hosts many times he realised how frustrating it was to find a decent webhost. ZealHost was born out of that realisation - and now tries to epitomise everything a webhost should be. The clients grew and so did the staff, however ZealHost still has the strong backbone and belief it has had since the beginning.


Instant Account Activation

We believe that once you pay for something, you should get the product immediately and not wait around for a sales assistant to set up your account manually. With ZealHost once you have completed your order set-up is instant and you will receive all your information through email.

Why are we so cheap? What's the catch?

Cheap is such an awful word, as it suggests less quality, but not here! Our prices are low because we can afford to give you products at that price. Our profit margin is marginal at best, this is because the owner of ZealHost started this company with one thing in mind - YOU. ZealHost wants to help you get out in the digital world and grow. The catch is that once you use our services, you couldn't bare to leave!

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