Cascadia Forever (cascadianista) wrote in webhosting,
Cascadia Forever

Dreamhost not so dreamy

For all those thinking about taking advantage of those gr8 Dreamhost codes below this post, think again. Their reliability has been in the toilet since early to mid 2006.

Sucks to be me, though. I'm addicted to the large amounts of domains, disk space, and databases that I get for $20/mo, and I refuse to use a host that doesn't offer shell access.

If anyone knows another, more reliable host that offers the following minimums in the $20/mo range, I'd like to hear about it.
  • 10GB space
  • 100GB transfer
  • 20-25 domains
  • 20-25 MySQL databases
  • shell access, and not in some shitty chroot jail
  • PHP5 (for MediaWiki)
  • been around long enough to have a reputation
Please speak up if you know somebody. Bluehost and Lunarpages didn't cut it last I checked. Pair Networks has beautiful uptime, but is VERY expensive.
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