nightlysunlight (nightlysunlight) wrote in webhosting,

cPanel Multiple Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Vulnerability: Cross Site Scripting / Cookie-Theft / Relogin attacks

Severity: Medium/High

cPanel (control panel) is a graphical web-based management tool, designed
to make administration of web sites as easy as possible. cPanel handles
all aspects of website administration in an easy-to-use interface.
The software, which is proprietary, runs on a number of popular RPM-based
Linux distributions, such as SuSE, Fedora, Mandriva, CentOS, Red Hat
Enterprise Linux, and cAos, as well as FreeBSD. cPanel is commonly
accessed on ports 2082 and 2083 (for a SSL version). Authentication is
either via HTTP or web page login. cPanel is prone to cross-site scripting
attacks. This problem is due to a failure in the application to properly
sanitize user-supplied input
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