nightlysunlight (nightlysunlight) wrote in webhosting,

My own or how to improve website PR in one click.

Everybody knows - google pagerank is one the keys to website success. More pages links to you - more visitors you get from google. I only know three websites with 10/10PR - google itself, w3c and adobe. You can find lots of offers to link exchange but this requires lots of reciprocal links on your website and can deface website look and of course it is unacceptable for e-commerse websites. So we need to find a way to place direct links to website.

The best and easy way - add your website into "web directories" like dmoz. But looks like their editors don't hasten to add websites for free. So I think twice and built my own theme park, with blackjack and hookers! - - my own free web directory. It looks quite empty, but already indexed by google and MSN :) So join to us and enjoy!

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